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     It has been a long and toasty summer.  Granted not the hottest on record, but by anyone’s standard it has been hot and dry.  After all, this is the desert southwest.  So here we are at the end of September, breathing a collective sigh of relief while we look forward to eight months of absolutely glorious weather. It is now our outdoor season, our gardening season. I’m doing my little seasonal happy dance! With that in mind we have been doing more and more work outdoors…..tidying up the spent summer plants, planning what to put into the fall and winter garden, and getting ready to plant our winter lawn.

     As I was watering this morning I happened to take a closeup of the leaves from one of our San Diego transplants. Actually I was trying to see how close I could get without having to go back inside to get my  macro lens,  but that’s another story.  In any event the way the sun was shining down upon the glistening leaves…..well let’s just say they were begging to be photographed. We planted some of these a few years ago and most of them seem to love being here.  Of course they need a little “babying” during our summers but otherwise they are thriving.


       Recently  I was reading  that scientists say  plants actually cry out for water when they need attention…we just haven’t heard them because the sounds made by a thirsty plant are about five times higher pitched than we can hear.  These scientists, using tiny specialized microphones, have heard corn plants, for instance, calling out for water. Isn’t that amazing? There’s a very interesting article about it  here .

There’s no doubt that without a consistent supply of water our plants cannot thrive or even survive.  I’m reminded that as humans we are the same way.  Physically we need our water!  I believe also that spiritually we need water…..the word of God.  In Ephesians 5:26  the Word is spoken of as water….we need consistent watering with the Word……it cleanses us… sustains us in all circumstances. Many times our hearts cry out and no one else seems to be able to  hear. There are even times when we don’t know what our hearts are crying out for……we are simply thirsty!

It is at times like these that we need a good watering!  Unlike our plants, however, we need to do our own watering. It is up to us to spend time in the Word. No one else can do it for us. Just as on those hot summer days the last thing we want to do is step outside and water our plants, there are days we just don’t feel like taking time to open our Bibles. We have so much going on!  Still, our plants depend on their watering and we depend on ours! When we water liberally, both physically and spiritually, what a blessing follows……our gardens grow and so do we!

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